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Texas man indicted for fatal motorcycle crash

A Magnolia man who had caused a motorcycle crash was indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury for Intoxicated Manslaughter and Accident Involving Serious Bodily Injury or Death on May 9. The accused man, 25, is being held on a $500,000 bond. The Montgomery County grand jury had indicted him because of the death of his passenger in February 2013.

Police kick off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In Texas, Austin police have taken measures against the rise in motorcycle accidents by kicking off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which is in May, with a ride through downtown Austin. The police were joined by about 20 members of the Patriot Guard. According to police officials, there had already been six fatal motorcycle accidents by May of 2013, and they are hoping to remind the city's drivers to be careful. The riders of the Patriot Guard usually have flags on the back of their bikes in honor of fallen soldiers and first responders, but during this ride, their flags bore the phrase, 'Look Twice" instead.

Texas driver rear-ends motorcycle at traffic light

Texas motorcycle accidents often involve a driver's blind spot, resulting in a crash while merging or changing lanes. It is not as common for a motorcycle to be rear-ended. However, a recent nighttime crash on Highway 77 in Texas involved just that type of collision.

Texas Ranger hurt in motorcycle crash

If Hollywood portrayals of a Texas Ranger were accurate, the Wild West might still be alive in Texas. A 2001 movie named after the enforcement officials portrayed their history as originating with a few brave men who banded together to bring justice to a land of outlaws.

El Paso police investigate fatal motorcycle

Police in El Paso, Texas are still investigating exactly what events led up to a fatal motorcycle crash in the lower valley. They have not determined the cause of the accident at this time, although they say speed was likely a factor. Some local news reports also indicated that alcohol could have been a factor, based on footage of a police officer carrying an empty tequila bottle near the scene of the accident.

Motorcycle crash with pickup truck leaves Texas man dead

For El Paso motorcycle drivers, there are few things better than a ride on the open road. However, a negligent driver can turn a peaceful motorcycle ride into a tragic one in just a split second.

Motorcycle safety awareness campaign hits Texas

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. That's true. But just because it is dangerous does not mean that motorcyclists don't have the right to ride their bikes and share the roads without constantly feeling that their lives at risk.

To prevent injury, Harley recalls more than 300,000 motorcycles

We have written about various types of motor vehicle accidents in the past on this blog, including motorcycle accidents. Most crashes are dangerous, but there is a special sort of danger reserved for the drivers and passengers of motorcycles involved in wrecks. Motorcycles provide less protection to riders, and a bike's size just doesn't match up to that of a car that crashes into it.

Motorcyclist hurt in El Paso crash could now have shot at justice

Not all of us will get injured in a traffic accident in our lives. Those who don't, of course, should count themselves as fortunate. If we were ever to get into an accident, it is natural to assume that the other driver or drivers involved in the collision would stop to make sure everyone is okay and that insurance information is traded.

When speeding meets DWI, deadly Texas crash ensues

Motorcycles have become increasingly popular on the roads, so it is more important than ever for motorists to drive cautiously and for cyclists to wear their helmets to avoid serious injury. Even with a helmet, a motorcycle accident can still result in serious injury or even death for the motorcyclist.

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