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March 2013 Archives

Spring rains require extra caution from Texas drivers

El Paso readers know that the months of March and April may bring spring showers and budding flowers. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department reports that a number of wildflowers can be seen in their spring blooms across the state, such as gold poppies and bluebonnets.

Texas DWI crash victims upset with Rep. Gonzalez

El Paso readers have likely heard that state Rep. Naomi Gonzalez was recently arrested for driving while intoxicated. The lawmaker allegedly rear-ended a vehicle in the early hours of a weeknight morning, around 2 a.m. The crash turned into a pile-up when the car that was rear-ended was then pushed into a cyclist. Fortunately, no one sustained serious injuries.

Texas dieters should avoid a certain protein bar

Texas readers know that approaching spring break vacation plans can also mean the start of seasonal fitness training regimes. Regardless of the method -- whether it be weight training, cardio, yoga, or simply counting calories -- the end goal is often the same: a slimmer waistline.

Texas sport injury guidelines may be in need of revision

Texas readers would likely agree that high school athletics are very popular throughout the state. Many sporting events regularly make local or even regional news. However, the duty of care expected of Texas educators and coaches who supervise those high school athletes may be evolving.

Gigantic concrete slab injures 2 Texas construction workers

In an age of skyscrapers, scaffolding and concrete are common sights at many Texas construction sites. Although federal and state laws offer some protections to the state's construction workers, the fact remains that a construction site can be a dangerous place, even for trained professionals. A recent construction accident in Corpus Christi reminds readers of that fact.

El Paso driver injures victim in DWI-related crash

El Paso police recently arrested a woman who may have been driving while intoxicated. However, authorities were not able to apprehend the alleged DWI offender before she caused a motor vehicle accident.

Negligent driver kills 2 Texas A&M cadets

Being accepted into the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University -- the largest military Corps of Cadets in the nation, outside the three major military service academies -- is no easy feat. Those accepted usually have impressive academic credentials, both in terms of GPA and test scores. Yet a cadet's achievements extend beyond the classroom. Those in the program also excel at the physical and leadership challenges presented by military training.

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