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January 2013 Archives

Texas woman injured by airplane beverage cart

When most Texas readers think of the ways that they could be injured on an airplane, they probably think of a crash landing or another type of emergency situation. However, airplane injuries happen much more often than crashes occur, often from rather mundane causes like a loose piece of equipment. These injuries can still be very serious and can cause significant pain and incur substantial medical expenses.

Dangerous ingredient to be removed from Gatorade

A teenage girl's online campaign to get PepsiCo to remove a controversial ingredient from Gatorade was successful this week. The beverage company issued a statement saying that they will no longer use brominated vegetable oil in the sports drink in response to consumer concerns.

Court records in dangerous hip implant case show company knowledge

Recently released internal communications from the Johnson & Johnson company show that the makers of the Articular Surface Replacement hip implant knew that the device presented increased risk to patients compared with similar products sold by other companies.

Two generations of Texas family harmed by asbestos, suit says

The estate of a Texas woman whose father worked at an asbestos-laden worksite is suing her father's former employer as well as the manufacturer of the contaminated material. The lawsuit alleges negligent manufacturing and selling of the toxic materials and negligent exposure to workers at the site. The woman's claim has arisen because of the asbestos-laden dust that came home with him every day on this clothing, causing his family to be exposed to the cancer-causing substance.

Texas family sues car company for defective airbags

The family of a Texas woman is suing General Motors for wrongful death, alleging that the vehicle involved in the accident was defective. The accident occurred in 2010 when a woman driving a Chevrolet Impala lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an obstacle on the side of the road.

San Antonio drunk driving suspect arrested for fatal accident

Readers in El Paso may remember hearing about a fatal accident that claimed the life of three people near San Antonio last year. The driver who was accused of causing it was believed to have been intoxicated, but police have just recently arrested him. He had disappeared shortly after he was discharged from the hospital following the July crash. Now, however, police have found him and charged him with three counts of intoxication manslaughter.

El Paso police investigate fatal motorcycle

Police in El Paso, Texas are still investigating exactly what events led up to a fatal motorcycle crash in the lower valley. They have not determined the cause of the accident at this time, although they say speed was likely a factor. Some local news reports also indicated that alcohol could have been a factor, based on footage of a police officer carrying an empty tequila bottle near the scene of the accident.

Dangerous medical equipment recalled for possible fatal effects

When someone in El Paso visits his or her doctor and is told to get a specific piece of medical equipment, he or she should be able to trust that the medical device will do what it is intended to do: relieve symptoms associated with a medical condition. When that piece of medical equipment is a reusable breathing circuit, its importance is even greater, as it provides necessary oxygen to the individual who has purchased it.

Safety officials say quiet hybrid cars present risk to pedestrians

Many who have been a passenger or a driver in a hybrid car have noticed that the engine is extremely quiet when it's using electric power. This is because the natural noise emitted by the combustion engine is no longer present and the battery is largely silent. While many view this as a positive attribute that makes for a more pleasant driving experience, safety officials are worried about the impact is has on pedestrians, bikers, and drivers who are used to relying on the sound of a car approaching to warn them of a potential hazard. One of the biggest concerns is safety for those who are visually impaired.

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