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December 2012 Archives

Medtronic and FDA recall defective drug infusion pump

Medtronic, the world's largest manufacturer of medical devices for the heart, has joined the FDA in a recall of two medication pumps. The recall follows an urgent notice sent to healthcare providers about an increased risk that the pump will fail.

Pageant winner involved in alleged drunk driving car accident

A local beauty queen in the running to continue to compete in the Miss America pageant circuit has been accused of an aggravated DWI after her involvement in a car accident that felled an electricity pole, cutting off power to hundreds of businesses in the area. The pole also fell onto several other cars, although there are no reports of injuries.

Drink ingredient linked to memory loss, nerve disorders

A 15-year-old girl has started an online petition that has gotten nearly 200,000 signatures. The petition politely asks Pepsi Co., to remove an ingredient from their Gatorade products that has very harmful possible side effects and has also been noted to act as a flame retardant. The ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (BVO) has been linked to neurological disorders and thyroid problems. A study done last year showed that video gamers who drank high volumes of drinks with BVO experienced skin lesions, memory loss, and nerve disorders.

Young woman dies in recent pedestrian accident

Authorities are looking for the driver of a car that they believe was involved in a hit-and-run accident that left one woman dead. The accident happened just days again in the early morning hours in Fabens. A woman's body was found in the middle of the road. She is believed to have been walking along North Loop Drive when she was hit by a car. She died at the scene of the accident.

Motorcycle crash with pickup truck leaves Texas man dead

For El Paso motorcycle drivers, there are few things better than a ride on the open road. However, a negligent driver can turn a peaceful motorcycle ride into a tragic one in just a split second.

Internet surfing another form of distracted driving

El Paso residents know how devastating a car accident can be. People who have been injured in an accident know they can be left with serious injuries that may require surgery and rehabilitation. Sadly, a car accident may result in fatalities.

Many dangerous toys still on shelves, report finds

Defective toys are a major concern for Texas parents during the holiday season. Many toys and trinkets are coming into the house, either with friends or as gifts for the children, and parents don't always have the opportunity to make sure a toy is safe before their child begins to play with it.

Magnetic desk toy off the market after child injuries

A popular desk toy designed for adults was pulled off of the market by regulators at the Consumer Product Safety Commission after reports surfaced of children being hospitalized and permanently injured by the product.

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