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March 2012 Archives

Driver's 3rd DWI leads to deaths of mother and daughter in Texas

A person can be the safest driver and the most careful parent but still wind up in the worst situation possible. With regards to traffic safety, it's a team sport. Individuals are only as safe as the person who is driving next to them. When one driver drives drunk, others on the road fall victim to the reckless decision.

Was it just foggy weather that caused fatal Texas accident?

Fog might not seem as threatening as a rainstorm or icy weather, but it can be deadly. This was proven on Sunday in a Texas town when a newspaper delivery man and his son were working to deliver neighborhood papers. It was early in the morning. The fog was thick. Tragedy ensued.

El Paso bus accidents threaten safety on the streets

El Paso has had a thriving and nationally recognized public transit system over the past few years with its Sun Metro buses. The use of the transit continues to be popular, but that is not the trend that the community and safety critics are worried about.

When carnival fun turns dangerous, family considers Texas lawsuit

Coming up with family things to do can be difficult at times. When something like a carnival comes along, it's a perfect reason to pack the family in the car, head to the carnival, load up on some of Texas' finest fair foods and enjoy some amusement rides. But what happens when supposed amusement leads to a dangerous accident?

Texas Court of Appeals denies worker's benefits for widow

A loved one's ability to provide for his family is invaluable. When a spouse is injured or killed in a workplace accident, a surviving spouse might find it necessary to sue for full, permanent benefits in order for her to get by and sustain her family.

Cameras in cars aim to banish blind spots, reduce accidents

One of the first lessons anyone is told during a driving lesson is to watch out for their blind spot. It's an area around the vehicle that is not visible in the vehicle's rearview mirror and can cover an area of up to fifty feet with larger family vehicles such as SUVs.

Family of Texas crash victim blame Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

There are so many variables at play when we all take to the roads that, if not properly addressed, could lead to car accidents. Last year, two people, ages 21 and 18, died in a Texas car accident that some believe would have been prevented with a product recall.

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