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January 2012 Archives

Is an app the answer to preventing texting behind the wheel?

When a teenager gets his driver's license, it is an exciting yet dangerous time. There is enough going against teenaged drivers without the now popular distraction of technology behind the wheel. According to an El Paso report, now there is apparently technology to save teen drivers from the danger of texting while driving.

Will evidence be enough to fuel valid DWI case in Texas?

When someone is killed in a hit-and-run accident, it is natural that officials and the general public would want to identify the exact person who caused the car crash. An investigation into a fatal Texas crash that occurred on Monday has led police to a suspect, but will the evidence be enough to support a criminal conviction or an effective wrongful death lawsuit?

Elder, Oscar-winning actor injured in bicycle accident

What happens when an 81 year-old Academy Award winning actor gets knocked off his bicycle by a truck? The bicycle accident sounds more gruesome than it turns out to be. He's injured, but generally okay. The incident is cautionary though: these things can happen to anybody, even a famous, stoic actor like Gene Hackman. First, drivers need to responsibly share the road with cyclists. They must take extra precautions to look for them and treat cyclists like any other vehicle. They have a right to share the road. A car accident involving a pedestrian or a cyclist can be catastrophic and usually easily preventable.

Groups want to wake trucking industry to dangers of sleep apnea

Imagine that you are driving home with your husband in the middle of a sunny Texas summer day. The last thing you are worried about is other drivers falling asleep at the wheel. All of the sudden you see in your rear view mirror a huge semi-truck barreling down on you. You don't have any time to get out of the way and the truck hits you like, well, like a semi-truck. Your car spins out of control and the next thing you know you wake up after being unconscious only to find your husband dead next to you.This is what happened to a woman of New Braunfels, Texas. "If you could have seen the scene that killed my husband ... or any of the other scenes that have been tied to sleep apnea and truck wrecks, it does look like a war zone," said the wife who lost her husband. The truck driver responsible for the fatal truck accident wasn't simply tired. He suffered from an untreated sleep disorder that puts him and others at risk on the road.

El Paso escaped DWI accidents this New Year's holiday

With the holiday season comes excitement about family, fun, food and drinks. The drinks are where the danger comes in, usually. It sounds like this New Year's celebration in El Paso turned out to be a relatively safe one with regards to DWI accidents.

Would hazard lights have prevented Texas collision?

After a car accident takes place, the involved parties will usually ask themselves all kinds of questions. Whose fault was it? Could I have done something to have prevented the accident? I think that the other driver was negligent. Should I go after him in a personal injury lawsuit?

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