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September 2011 Archives

Dallas woman dies from listeria-contaminated cantaloupe

Every so often, there is a big story that some sort of food product is contaminated and dangerous. Ground turkey recently was in the limelight. And now, cantaloupe melons have been recalled due to an extremely serious contamination. Melons reportedly have been dangerous and even deadly to people because of a listeria contamination.

Parents play big role in protecting kids in car accidents

It is no surprise that accidents happen. Driving is an everyday function that is packed with possible risks. The biggest risk is trusting other motorists to driver responsibly. We know that responsible driving isn't a given, meaning that we are often at risk of getting injured in a car accident.

Will the U.S. ban truckers from using cell phones while driving?

Cell phones have become a major convenience in our lives. What started off as a "just for emergencies" tool or a way to check on or check in with loved ones has turned into a communication lifeline with the rest of the world. Some argue that cell phone use has gone too far, causing too many injuries and even fatalities as people are talking on their cell phones while driving. Distracted driving can be especially dangerous when committed by commercial drivers who are controlling large vehicles such as 18-wheelers or buses.

Motorcyclist hurt in El Paso crash could now have shot at justice

Not all of us will get injured in a traffic accident in our lives. Those who don't, of course, should count themselves as fortunate. If we were ever to get into an accident, it is natural to assume that the other driver or drivers involved in the collision would stop to make sure everyone is okay and that insurance information is traded.

Tanker truck driver reportedly causes explosive Texas crash

It is important for every driver on the road to understand and follow traffic laws. It isn't just for their own safety, but it's for the safety of others around them. Every moment that someone is behind the wheel can make a difference in a person's future. A Texas truck accident proves the difference that one moment can make.

Woman left paralyzed by crash is target of related Texas suit

Taking the bus saves fuel and keeps traffic congestion from getting out of control. However, you expect the person you trust to drive you to work or wherever you need to go to pay extra close attention. You expect the vehicle you're riding in to be well-maintained and safe.

When speeding meets DWI, deadly Texas crash ensues

Motorcycles have become increasingly popular on the roads, so it is more important than ever for motorists to drive cautiously and for cyclists to wear their helmets to avoid serious injury. Even with a helmet, a motorcycle accident can still result in serious injury or even death for the motorcyclist.

Texas officials investigate if DWI crash was fault of bar staff

Devastation strikes too often as a result of drunk driving, and investigations into individual DWI accidents can help hold careless parties accountable for the role they've played in causing serious injury or even death.

Family's Texas barbecue turns tragic, leads to wrongful death suit

Grilling outdoors with friends and family is one of the great things that bonds us as family and neighbors in a community. Even those who are merely walking by a house in the midst of a backyard barbeque feel a sense of home. It's one of those pieces of nostalgic Americana that keeps a little bit of innocence in our rapidly changing world.

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