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May 2011 Archives

Which Texas highway is most dangerous for teen drivers?

You have been a teenage driver before. Do you remember how exciting it was to get that license in hand and tell your parents, "I'm going out?" For a teenager, the ability to drive feels like a significant freedom in life.

Texas officers sued for wrongful death of man in need of help

Three policemen were recently named as defendants in a lawsuit. The wrongful death lawsuit was initiated in a federal court following the death of a Texas resident. The alleged incident of negligence that led to the present lawsuit occurred in 2009. According to reports, the supposed wrongful death victim began experiencing chest pains one evening and went outside to get some fresh air. While he was outside, the man flagged down a motorist to ask for assistance since he believed that he was having a heart attack. The motorist called 911 to request an ambulance. Help was not what came for the victim.

Carnival operator faces lawsuit after highway accident in Texas

The warm-weather carnival is a staple in towns across the United States. The bright lights, midway games, Ferris wheels and tilt-a-whirls provide a bit of excitement as the temperatures rise. But haven't you ever wondered just how safe these instant carnivals are?

When driving, drowsy and drunk are similarly dangerous

This time of year can mean danger on the roads. Why? Well, school is coming to an end, and that means that many students are putting in long nights of studying. Not enough people understand that lack of sleep does more than leave bags under their eyes - it can lead to car accidents.

Authorities suspect Texas bar played role in DUI crash

A college student from the Brownsville area was recently arrested and charged with multiple offenses including manslaughter and intoxication assault following a single-vehicle car accident that took the life of one person and seriously injured another. The young woman who was allegedly at fault in the DUI accident is only 18 years old. According to Texas law, the legal drinking age is twenty-one. Reports indicate that prior to the fatal accident, the woman was drinking with two other college students at a local sports bar who were also under the legal age for consuming alcoholic beverages in Texas. The sports bar has reportedly been investigated on multiple occasions in the past following allegations that the bar was serving alcohol to minors. Those investigations concluded that the allegations against the bar were unsubstantiated.

Texas' 'Loser Pays' bill prompts strong reaction

You might not ever suffer an accident and be a victim of another person's negligence. You might never have to sue anyone or any party for a personal injury or wrongful death. That is hopefully the case for you, since loss or injury shouldn't be wished upon anyone.

Will Colorado state senator face felony charge for Texas crash?

A Colorado state senator known for her advocacy for tougher laws regarding seat belt and child restraint laws awaits a Grand Jury date wherein it will be determined whether she will face criminal charges following a December traffic accident. We have written about this case in a recent post.Allegedly causing a car accident on December 26 near Amarillo, Texas, state Sen. Suzanne Williams may be charged with the felony of criminally negligent homicide. A young Texas mother, then pregnant with her third child, was killed in the severe car accident.

About a "Weinermobile," a Texas prom and motorcycle safety

When you were a teenager and attended your high school prom, you probably either borrowed your parents' car or saved up some extra money to take a limo to the big event. It probably never occurred to you that it would be awesome to ride in an Oscar Mayer "Weinermobile" to the dance.

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